Solar battery farm developer Lyon Group is joining forces with JERA – a joint venture of the giant Japanese power utilities Tokyo Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power – and Siemens and AES Company’s Fluence partnership in a blockbuster alliance that aims to step up the rollout of grid batteries in the Asia Pacific.

The alliance gives Brisbane-based Lyon some world-class backing: TEPCO and Chubu have a combined $113 billion of revenue, Siemens has a 170-year heritage as one of the pioneers of global power engineering and AES has 11-years experience leading the global deployment of grid scale batteries.

It marks a step change from grid-scale batteries being seen as a niche solution to a local system stability problem – like the 100 megawatt Tesla battery at Neoen Australia’s Hornsdale wind farm in South Australia – to being a mainstream resource in power networks everywhere as battery prices plunge and pressure to shed coal generation intensifies.

The alliance will look at rolling out batteries across JERA’s 74 gigawatts of generation – mostly in Japan and increasingly in the Asia Pacific – wherever the partners think they can improve the efficiency with which the power giant uses its existing thermal and renewable generation plants.

The entire installed capacity in the Australian power grid is just under 50 GW.

It will also examine the 25 GWs of renewable generation that JERA plans to roll out worldwide by 2030 to see where batteries and smart grids can best be deployed to get the most out of the wind and solar generation plant.

A GW is 1000 megawatts, or the capacity of a medium-sized power station.

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