The Lyon Group announced today that its Riverland Solar Storage project near Morgan in South Australia has received development approval.

The approval from the South Australian Government follows a process that included wide-ranging community consultation, including formal information sessions hosted by the Mid-Murray Council.

Lyon Group Partner David Green said that Mid-Murray Council’s strong support for the project and commitment to regional development had helped expedite the process.

“Mid-Murray Council has helped to move Riverland’s approval process along, which will result in an earlier construction commencement date. The jobs that the Riverland Solar Storage project will bring to the Morgan region will start sooner because of Mid-Murray Council’s support.”

Announced on 30 March 2017, Riverland is projected to employ 270 workers during construction and, assuming its connection offer is received shortly,is now expected to begin operations in the second half of 2018.

Its battery storage capacity will be approximately three times the capacity of the battery at Jamestown.

Mr Green said Lyon was committed to working cooperatively with the local community and would continue to work closely with the Mid-Murray Council to identify opportunities for local engagement and employment during the construction and operation of the project.

Services and equipment that could be sourced locally include site preparation services, access road preparation, structure assembly, electrical services, panel installation, and accommodation.

Mr Green said that South Australian energy consumers would benefit from the introduction of battery storage, through downward pressure on wholesale power prices and a more stable system.

“Large-scale renewables and large-scale battery technology will play a central role in keeping our electricity system stable, reducing prices, and reducing emissions.”

Lyon has Australia’s largest pipelines of large-scale solar and large-scale battery storage projects.

Lyon recently confirmed that it has shortlisted bidders for the first three projects in its Australian pipeline of integrated large-scale solar and large-scale battery storage projects.

The projects are in three states:

  • Cape York, Queensland (55MW solar + 20MW/80MWh storage)
  • Nowingi, Victoria (250 MW + 80MW/320MWh)
  • Riverland, South Australia (240MW + 100MW/400MWh) (up to 330MW solar including stage 2)

Cape York and Riverland now have development approval. Development approval for Nowingi Solar Storage is pending.

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