Lyon Chair David Green today welcomed the inclusion of Cape York Battery Power Plant in the shortlist for the Queensland Government’s Renewables 400 revenue support program.

Mr Green said it is pleasing to see recognition of the design philosophy underpinning Lyon’s truly integrated solar battery station developments.

“What fundamentally sets Lyon’s developments apart is Lyon’s project design philosophy.

“New generation plant should meet power system security and reliability requirements, and projects need to offset the connection and revenue risks associated with traditional standalone renewables and provide commercial returns to investors.”

Mr Green said that traditional standalone wind and solar farms don’t meet the Australian Energy Market Operator’s Power System Requirements,[1] and co-locating or retrofitting a battery energy storage system didn’t change that reality.

“Lyon’s truly integrated battery power stations meet the power system requirements for a stable grid, shift low value daytime solar into high value peaking generation at or below the cost of gas peakers, and address the connection and revenue risks harming traditional standalone solar. Collocated batteries with a renewable energy generation source don’t.”

Mr Green said adding dispatchable solar to Queensland’s energy mix would benefit households and businesses through downward pressure on power bills due to new competition in peaking generation and avoided grid expenditure.

Mr Green said Cape York Battery Power Plant would help maintain local grid stability, and truly integrated projects are what Queensland needs as it moves rapidly toward its 50 per cent renewables target.

“The most significant jobs impact new renewable generation has stems from whether it makes the power grid more stable or less stable.”


Lyon Group is an independently owned group of companies founded in 2003 which focuses on solar battery power station development, ownership and operation. 

Lyon’s energy development companies pursue a project design philosophy based on the premise that all new electricity generation must meet power system requirements of a modern and stable electricity grid and be capable of providing commercial returns to investors.

This design philosophy is pursued with our international partners.

Alongside other global corporations, the primary development investor in Lyon’s developments has been JERA, one of the world’s largest energy companies. JERA’s expanding generation portfolio is currently 74GW, one and a half times Australia’s national electricity market. The world’s biggest gas buyer and one of the world’s largest coal traders, JERA is an equal joint venture of two major Japanese electricity companies, TEPCO Fuel & Power Inc and Chubu Electric Power Company Inc.

JERA recognised Lyon as “the world’s leading independent developer of integrated utility-scale battery storage and renewable generation projects” because Lyon developed and sold Australia’s first grid connected large-scale solar PV and battery storage project, and because of the uniquely valuable and globally applicable nature of Lyon’s projects.[2] 

Lyon’s development pipeline includes early and advanced stage solar battery power station developments in a number of countries. Our projects deliver dispatchable clean power and valuable grid services, which contrasts with traditional standalone renewable projects.

With full integration of solar PV with four hour duration battery storage, Lyon is at the global forefront of moving renewable energy projects from their current state (i.e. dispatching unpredictable and unstable energy to the grid) to an advanced and usable form of energy that provides predictable, dispatchable, firm and on-call energy. 

Lyon’s developments are the only fully integrated grid connected solar battery power station developments currently available and are an important step forward for the industry. Lyon’s projects allow for the replacement of gas peakers with solar peakers, providing grid stabilisation and customer pricing benefits.

Truly integrated solar battery power stations deliver clean energy that makes grids stronger, solar power when people need it, new competition in peaking generation, and de-risked investment in renewable energy. Unlike traditional standalone solar, Lyon’s developments deliver multiple market services and revenue streams. Lyon’s design philosophy ensures its developments also address the connection, congestion and marginal loss factor risks that are undermining investment in traditional standalone solar.

Lyon Group is developing a number of other projects, including other utility-scale integrated solar battery power stations, with JERA continuing as Lyon’s co-development partner, and under the Lyon’s Asia Pacific Collaboration Agreement with JERA and Fluence.



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